Art Academy: Game Art Design Essentials Course For Artists


Art Academy is the first free 3d modelling/2d design course on Udemy that keeps expanding it's learning content with exciting tutorials brought to you straight by the YouTube channel Buildbox Guru.

You might be looking forward to modelling with Blender or would like to learn more about 2d design, You haven't found the tutorial you are interested in yet and a course may seems to be the best option but since they are all so expensive you decided to have a look at Art Academy right?

Let me talk you through what Art Academy is and what it offers!

Art Academy is a course that aims on constant expansion in the form of content available both at our YouTube channel Buildbox Guru and here in the course on Udemy.

You can find lessons in 2d design with Affinity Designer and 3d development using Blender, Magica Voxel and Buildbox for no code game development purposes.

AA lessons are structured in the same way our YouTube tutorials are structured and contain the same content split up in sections such as Simple 2d, Simple 3d, Create Simple, How it Was Made and Simple Code.

AA does try to give you access to content you are interested in for free without any additional costs other then asking you to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

One of the advantages of Udemy is that you can ask questions in the QA Forums and get dedicated help with your questions about our existing tutorials.

You can simply get started by enrolling for free now!

What will you learn
  • You learn more about what 3d/2d space means.

  • You learn to work with game engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Buildbox and others to come...

  • You learn to work with tools such as: Blender, Affinity Products, MagicaVoxel, Substance Painter, Cinema 4D, Substance Designer and much more...

  • You will learn to improve by taking fun exercises and assignments.

  • A laptop or computer
  • A drawing tablet could be useful
  • A tablet or extra monitor could be useful for learning
  • Considering to subscribe to our YouTube channel would be helpful.


  • 9 Lessons
  • 01:26:43 Hours
  • Start by Reading me!
  • Join our School of Brush Community
  • Intro00:00:59
  • Create Simple Hyper Casual Game Art00:10:42
  • Create Simple Voxel Art00:10:04
  • Create a Simple 3d Spaceman00:22:55
  • Create a Simple RPG Inventory System00:16:10
  • Create a Simple RPG Inventory System - Lesson 200:10:58
  • Minecraft Quest Art00:14:55

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Rick Roopers - Thu, 26-Mar-2020

I loved it!